When you're packing for your next business trip, don't forget to pack these three important cables.

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys, welcome back. This week let's talk about what cables to take when you're traveling.
"There are three essential cables you want to take: an HDMI cable a USB-C cable and a Micro USB cable.
"Why? Well, pretty much if you're traveling and you need to plug into any display device, it's going to be HDMI. What you want to do is look at your laptop device, and see what display output port it has, whether it's mini display port HDMI, mini HDMI, all those options. Then get a cable that goes from that, to regular HDMI, so if you need to plug into a tv a projector, a smart display device, you'll have the cable.
"Second is a USB-C. All new devices, new smartphones, new peripherals are coming with the USB-C port, so have a USB to USB-C adapter or cable in your bag with you, so you can plug into whatever you need to on the road.
"And then lastly, a Micro USB. All the legacy devices - which means anything before last week - might have a Micro UBS port this will allow
you to be able to plug into a mouse, a keyboard, an older smartphone, older peripherals - and you won't be stuck caught without the cable you need while you're traveling.
"That's it for this week, talk to you next week."