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Is Your I.T. Provider Staying Ahead of Security Risks and Keeping Your Data Safe?

Cybersecurity is a cornerstone of our company. For 15 years, Design I.T. Solutions has been keeping data and companies safe.  Our team of experts have successfully secured over 100TB of Data and to date, NONE of our managed security customers have lost data or paid a ransom for stolen data.  We employ customized cutting-edge engineering and tools to stay ahead of cybersecurity risks. As a member of the Forbes Technology Council, our customers know they have hired the experts!


Cybersecurity Pacific Northwest


Why Cybersecurity Is Imperative for Your Company:

It is impossible to overstate the importance of Cybersecurity for your company.  Lack of effective cybersecurity measures leaves your data at risk and can cost you financially!  Regardless of the size of your business or your industry, you ARE a target!  The reality is that attacks on networks have been increasing year after year with hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated.  If you are unsure your data is properly protected or where to start, our team of security experts can help.  Contact us today at (509) 534-4874!


Cybersecurity Statistics (

  • Ransomware is estimated to have attacked a business every 11 seconds in 2021.
  • Over half of all cyberattacks target small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Healthcare experienced an estimated 2-3x more cyberattacks in 2021 than the average amount for other industries.


Security Services Provided:

  • Security/Risk Assessment
  • 24/7/365 Real Time Monitoring and Alerting
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection Services (IPS/IDS)
  • Back Up and Disaster Recovery Services (BDS)
  • Email Security - Including Secure Messaging
  • Perimeter Security
  • Security Forensics
  • Penetration Testing
  • Custom State of the Art Antivirus and Scanning Options
  • Industry Specific Compliance Auditing and Consulting
  • Dark Web Monitoring and Scanning