Is it safe to keep business information and documents in Dropbox or Google Drive?

Video Transcript:

"Welcome back for our next Tech Tip. Today we're going to talk about online file sharing.
"If you're using Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive - any of those consumer-grade file sharing services for business - I want to recommend that you stop.
"The problem is: those services are really designed for access and sharing personal files, pictures, and what not with family. They don't have the security mechanisms in place to really lock down your data.
"Dropbox had 600,000 accounts compromised. If you were using that for business - if you had legal documents, proprietary data, or other things on there - you just got all of that exposed to hackers and whoever else wants it.
"Utilizing a real commercial file sharing feature, set up by your IT, is where you want to be with commercial or work data.
"Don't put it on those personal drives. They're convenient, it's easy to send someone a link to a file, but they're not designed for work.
"Under the normal consumer platform also we find that people in the medical field are sharing medical records and storing pictures and documents - that doesn't even come close to meeting industry regulations or federal regulations like HIPAA.
"Always use IT set-up file sharing to make sure your network stays secure and you are working in compliance with federal regulations.
"Talk to you next week."