What is the Dark Web?

Video Transcript:

"Welcome back for this week's Tech Tip. Today we're going to talk about the Dark Web.
"This is a huge category with lots of information, so we're going to do a full webinar on it later. I hope you'll join us for that.
"Today we're just going to talk about: What is the Dark Web?
"The Dark Web is a compilation of data on sites that aren't searchable through Google and Yahoo and the majority of search engines.
"They're actually called 'onion sites' and they have their own search engine platform.
"What the Dark Web does is it allows hackers to exchange stolen data and malicious services.
"You can buy nefarious things on the Dark Web - at some point there was even bombs listed for sale. It's a place where bad people go to do bad things.
"So what we're gonna do is scan it, to see if your data is on the Dark Web.
"Let's say you have a keystroke logger, or a virus, or a site that you've logged into was compromised and they got your username and password. The hackers will sell your data on the Dark Web, or they'll put it out there for free.
"Your users may have unknowingly been compromised and have given hackers the keys to the front door.
"We put all kinds of protection in to keep bad guys out, but if they have keys to VPN right in or RDP to your box - that's a lot harder to defend, because they have the keys.
"A whole webinar is gonna go into how to protect from that, but now you know: the Dark Web is where you don't want to be.
"Stay out of it, stay safe - talk to you later."