How Hackers Use Public WiFi to Their Advantage

Video Transcript:

"Today we're going to talk about WiFi.
"Everywhere you go you get a whole list of WiFi. You see them everywhere - on your phone, your tablets, or your other devices.
"You sit down in a coffee shop to do a little work outside of the office, and 10-15 wireless IDs show up. How do you know which one to pick?
"That's a good question, because it's not uncommon for a hacker to set up a bogus WiFi that looks similar to the name of the legitimate one.
"Their goal is for you to connect to it. You'll get to the internet just fine, but they're going to record your browsing, and then they can use packet analyzers and advanced tools to break apart your traffic.
"Let's say you want to go to a website, and it's encrypted. You go to your bank site - because you're at a mall and you want to go shopping for a present for me most likely - you want to check your balance.
"Well that's fine, except they can afterwards replay that and try and break the encryption between you and your bank. They'll get your passwords, and then they can withdraw money from your bank in that one scenario.
"Let's say you're sitting there, and you log into your work's VPN. They can work to decode that to get your encryption key, to get your username and password for the office.
"Now they have keys to the front door.
"I'm not saying don't ever use public WiFi, but the best scenario is ask: 'Hey, what's your WiFi that you provide here?'
"A lot of malls say 'use our free WiFi' and they have signs up - look for that. Usually restaurants and coffee shops tell you their password.
"Use the one provided by the place you're visiting, and try not to use public WiFi for work stuff.
"If it's a pinch and you have to - connect to the WiFi, and before you do anything else connect to a VPN. It's hard for them to hack that.
"Stay safe. Talk to you next week."