Just a reminder as we go back to working in the office, your workstation needs to be set up in a way that will keep sensitive information private.

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys, welcome back. Do you work in an open environment?
"Right now there's probably a lot of people still working from home, but as things go back to normal it's really important that you keep an eye on your monitor setup. Who can see over your shoulder at what you're looking at?
"A lot of times in companies, you're sharing sensitive information, you're working with HR, you're in the hiring process talking about salaries, financial information - and you pull it up on your screen. And everybody today has these giant screens to make it easier - more real estate to work with, more applications can be open, but that also means it's a lot easier for people to see over your shoulder - especially if you have multiple monitors.
"So keep in mind that there are people who will take the opportunity to sneak a peek at what you're looking at. So take the time to look at your environment and make sure that you're keeping your sensitive information sensitive, even from other employees that may not need to see that information.
"That's it for this week. Talk to you next week."