Do you know when your website domain will expire? Today we're asking some important questions you'll need to know the answers to to keep your website safe and accessible.

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys, welcome back. This week let's talk about your domain.
"Who manages your domain? Have you registered your domain yourself, or do you have somebody, like a web designer... who is it that actually manages it?
"If you don't know, it's a good time to find out. A lot of times you need to make a quick adjustment, and you don't have the passwords. Also, domains expire - so do you have it set to auto-renew? If you do, great - what credit card are you using? Has it expired? How are you paying for that?
"It's really good to know what's happening with your domain - how long it's been renewed for, when it's going to expire, and who has access. It's good to go in there and make sure the person being notified about the domain renewal or payment information hasn't left your company.
"So take a few minutes today - go find out who has access to register your domain, renew your domain, and pay for your domain, so that you don't lose it. Because once it's gone it can cost a lot of money to get it back. Someone may be just waiting for it to expire so they can charge you a bunch of money to give it back to you.
"That's it for today. Talk to you next week."