Are you working from home? This security tip could prevent a hacker from using your device for malicious activities.

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys. welcome back. This week let's talk about your home access, because still so many people are working from home.
"When's the last time you checked your home router's firmware? What do I mean by that? Well, it's the little operating system that runs on it that makes you get out to the internet. It might have wireless built-in that makes your wireless work.
"So, many hackers have been hacking into home devices and using them for malfeasance across the internet. They'll use your router to hack into somebody else, then the FBI comes and checks on your door to see - hey what were you doing?
"It gets sorted out in the end, but let's just eliminate that from happening.
"So what you want to do is check your router, check your firmware. If you're familiar enough with how to get to an IP address on your computer, you can look at its IP address and the default gateway that's listed is the router. You can pop that IP address into a browser and it'll bring you to the login page. Log in from when you first set it up, and click the button to check for new firmware.
"It's usually that simple. It'll automatically update so when it finds it you can say yeah update now.
Check that right away. We saw a while ago, three, four years ago now a router device that was public was actually compromised worldwide one weekend. What they did is they put malicious firmware in there and then all your emails that were going through for companies - they were grabbing signatures, verbiage from people who are writing and then resending those emails to get wire transfers and other things.
"Things like that we want to prevent, so update your firmware this weekend.
"That's it for this week. Talk to you next week."