Did you know that using keyboard shortcuts could save you hours of time at work?

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys, welcome back. Today we're going to talk about trying to be more efficient with your computer.
"Did you know that there are keyboard shortcuts for most of the applications that you use? If you're looking in there you go up to the File, Edit, or whatever menu, and you see the drop down come down. To the right of the words there's usually like a Control plus or an underline plus and then S, F, W, whatever letter. Those are keyboard shortcuts.
"What it does, and what the statisticians have found, is that - let's take Excel for example. In Excel, by using the keyboard shortcuts that are built in, you can save 40 hours a year. That's right - 40 hours by not using the mouse.
"Using the mouse is one of the slowest parts of interacting with a computer. Using keyboard shortcuts, your fingers are so much faster being able to type and hit multiple keys at once.
"So take a minute and look. Another statistician said that just in general using shortcuts saves eight work days a year in time, just in all applications.
"So take a look at your application. Go up to the File menu, do a quick google search - look at your applications and shortcuts. Microsoft has tons of shortcuts for windows and their applications. Do a quick search and find them.
"A couple ones for you today: Control + P prints from almost any application, brings up the print window. Control + F whether you're in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or just in windows, or an application like Adobe, it will bring up a search field where you can type in and find things in a document.
"So shortcuts save your day, and your time."