Is your guest WiFi setup correctly?


Video Transcript:


"This week's Tech Tip we're going to talk about guest wireless.
"Everybody has it, most companies want to provide it, but there's a couple things we need to talk about. One: are you giving people the password to your internal wireless? If you are - stop today. Change that password and don't do that again - it's bad news. They have full access to your network, and we need to stop that.
"So first thing, if you don't have a guest network, let's get one set up. The second thing is - if you have a guest network, who set it up? Sometimes people will go buy a second access point and they'll take your guest network and plug it into your network. That's no different than giving them the password, because they have full access to your network.
"What you need to do, is have a private network provision for that guest network. In that regard what you have to do is set it up properly, set it up outside the firewall on the other side where it's just public internet and they can't get into your network, or if you have more sophisticated equipment - which a lot of corporations do - you provision a new VLAN, to allow that traffic to be protected. That way viruses can't get to the guest network, but also they can't get to your network.
"So review your guest network, make sure it's secure. Make sure you can't get to your server from your guest network - and have a great day."