Why do hardware vendors put software on your computer that you don't need?

"This is Daniel Schwartz with Design I.T. Solutions with your next Tech Tip. Did you know that most hardware vendors put software on the computers that you don't need?
"They do that because the manufacturer of the software pays them a small fee to put it on the machine, hoping that you'll use their software. That leads to you making in-app purchases or buying a subscription from them.
"It generates revenue for the company, so they put what we call 'bloatware' on your computer.
"This can also turn into spyware. It can monitor your access, manipulating the ads you see.
"We recommend that as soon as you get a new computer, we strip the software off for you or if it's a personal computer, you go in and uninstall every application that you don't need.
"If you have questions about this, check with us. We'll make sure you don't uninstall the drivers for your mouse pad or something, so your computer doesn't stop working.
"The bloatware can slow your machine down, and it can provide security vulnerabilities if that software has a vulnerability you didn't know about.
"It could allow hackers to get in, so let's remove all the bloatware on all new computers.
"Check the computer you have now to make sure that it's clean and running smooth.
"That's your tip for this week."