Here are three practical steps to take if your WiFi is too slow.

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys welcome back. This week let's talk about WiFi.
"There's three things you can do right off the bat to help with your WiFi if you're having trouble.
First check the manufacturer to see if they have an updated firmware. Sometimes your operating system gets updated and causes some changes in the wireless network card that then the router or the wireless access point needs access updated as well. That firmware may be there may not be but check that. Check it frequently keep it up to date. It also can help with security issues, security flaws that may be in there.
"Second is placement - where is it? Is it sitting on a desk? Do you have it in a ceiling? Is it mounted centrally located? Is it right by a wall or a door or a microwave? You know, depending on how your office is laid out, look at where it's located and try and position it somewhere centrally - not with obstacles around it.
"And then lastly you may need more than one access point. You can do that easily and you can create what's called an 'extended service set' so that when you move between access points you don't drop internet. It just moves with you if you're in a mobile environment in your office, maybe take your laptop into the conference room, maybe you're working in a clinic, and you're moving in between exam rooms or just better coverage if you're sitting at a desk and you need a laptop.
"Those are three great things to look at. We'll talk to you next week."