Is your computer running slow? This may be the key to bringing it back to life.

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys, welcome back to this week's tip. Is your computer running slow? Or do you just want to speed it up? You can actually bring life back to older machines by replacing the hard drive.
"The hard drive is what stores your files, but the operating system also uses the hard drive to cache data to help offset the amount of RAM in the computer. Older drives use a spindle and a platter. See that round disc in there is actually a platter, and that little arm has to read it. It's like an old record player. So as this spins, this arm moves back and forth to find the data on your drive.
"The older these are, the slower they get, and the more data is spread out so it takes longer for that arm to find all your data.
"So running a defrag on these is great, but there's really slick applications that will just go ahead and slide this data over to a new solid state drive. They're much smaller, and there's no seek time - they're super fast.
"So you can take a three or four or five year old machine, put a solid state drive in it, and it'll feel like it's brand new.
"While you're in there you might add a little bit of RAM. Talk to your I.T. department, they can probably do it for you. Check to see if they can put in an SSD, because the applications run so much faster.
"Do a defrag on these older style ones to keep them running faster, and then check to see how much RAM you have. Clean up any old applications and you should be running much faster.
"That's it for this week. Talk to you next week."