How do you keep your mobile phone secure?

Video Transcript:

"Here we are again for another Tech Tip. Today we're going to talk about mobile phone security.
"I've got 10 tips for you to help keep your mobile phone secure, which in turn can keep your corporate network secure.
"First: make sure you have a locking password on your phone, whether it's a pin, a thumb ID, or something, make sure that people can't just access your phone.
"Don't leave it out in public unattended anywhere where somebody could try and get into it and do something with it.
"Only download apps from known safe sites like Google Play, Apple, Amazon. Don't go get things from a website that says 'Hey by the way you've got to put your phone in developer mode, download this app for debugging - it's really cool.' Don't do it, it's not safe.
"Also don't jailbreak your phone. That can cause multiple security issues. Keep your phone and operating system up to date. Always install an anti-virus, there's a lot of free ones out there, make sure you get one from the App Store. It's probably worth the three or four dollars to buy a legitimate one just to keep everything safe.
"Use your phone's 'find me' feature in case you lose it or someone steals it. Make sure that's enabled ahead of time, because if you don't have it on it's going to be hard to find.
"Back up your data. Back it up to a cloud service that is a paid service for phones, not just some free service, because the security on those isn't what they should be and we've talked about that in the past.
"Cover the camera when you're not using it. If hackers get into it, they can see what you're doing and they can see you. Just one more piece of identity [protection] that helps, so applications that are interacting with you can't see also what you're doing.
"Don't click on links or attachments that come in email on your phone. Your phone can actually be activated in other ways through SMS that can give hackers full access, that are actually easier than if it was on a computer. So be very careful what you do.
"The last thing is: encrypt the data on your phone. Make sure that if you have any sensitive data, or you use it for work at all, you have that OS encrypted, so if it does get lost or stolen and you can't find it there's nothing they can do with your phone.
"That's it for this week."