How effective is your disaster recovery plan?


Video Transcript:


"Hey guys, welcome back again. Today we're going to talk about disaster recovery.
"So you've heard people talk about it, hopefully you haven't had to experience it, but have you created a plan yet?
"A DR plan that you have outlined - it's usually fairly thick and takes a lot of time, and a lot of people in your organization to help you put it together.
"Essentially what you need to do is be able to account for your building burning down, some kind of nature attack or power outage for days, water damage in the building. Whatever it is where you can't work normally - what are you gonna do?
"Have you thought about it?
"Get that DR plan out if you have done one, and if you haven't get started on one, but bring it out and run through it. Make sure it's up to date. Make sure that you can actually do what you think you can do, and that things that have changed in the last say nine months from a pandemic are actually still feasible for your plan.
"It may not be weather related, may not be physically related, it could be a cyber attack. It could be something that takes your ISP offline, it could be something that takes your data hostage - hopefully not.
"What is your plan? What are you gonna do? Have you looked at the DR plan?
"Make sure you talk to your I.T. company and have a plan in place if something should happen to you, so you can get back up and running as quick as possible.
"That's it for this week. See you next week."