If your organization is the victim of a cyberattack, will your cyber insurance claim be denied?

Video Transcript:

"Hey guys, welcome back. Today let's talk about cybersecurity.
"Do you have cyber insurance? If you don't, you need to look at getting it, because with today's threat landscape and the amount of things going on - it's not a huge expense, and definitely worth having it.
"If you do have it, did you know you signed a whole bunch of documents saying you were going to do X, Y and Z to keep your network safe and your data safe?
"If you were to get breached and you want to file a claim, they're going to do an investigation to see if you held up your end of the bargain.
"If you didn't - that claim may be denied.
"Target actually had their cybersecurity breach claim denied, for something like 90 some million dollars, because they didn't have it set up right - they weren't doing what they were supposed to do.
"That's a lot of money for Target, but for you it's still a big deal if you don't have all your ducks in a row.
"Make sure you audit what you're doing. Reach out to us, we can help you with our audit compliance program, or do it yourself, but make sure you're in compliance.
"Have a great day. See you next week."