How do we keep our network safe when working from home?


Video Transcript:


"Hey guys - welcome back. This week let's talk about working from home, because again it's a hot topic.
"We've addressed it in the past, but let's refresh and recap.
"One of the biggest things you want to do is not use home devices to VPN into your work environment. If you're using Citrix, or some web-based application - that's fine.
"You still want to make sure you have good anti-virus on there, so that some keystroke logger or something else doesn't get installed on your machine to compromise the corporate network, but you should really never VPN to the company office from a personal machine. You always want to use a corporate device to connect to the corporate network, because it has all the right software on it.
"If you're going to use a home device - that's the only option - make sure you check with your IT. They can do a full scan and put in some protective measures on that device to make sure hackers aren't getting into your corporate network through your home network."