Are your passwords strong enough?

Video Transcript:

"This is a Daniel with Design IT Solutions bringing you your Weekly Tech Tip on security. Today we're going to talk about passwords.
"What are you using for a password? Let's think about it for a minute. Hackers have the ability with their software to run through over a million password iterations per second trying to compromise your account.
"If you're using a shorter five letter password they can actually compromise it in eleven point nine seconds.
"That's pretty crazy.
"One of the things we recommend is using a complicated password. That's including letters, numbers, and symbols and no less than ten characters. Keep it as long as you can handle.
"One of the other things we say is: use a passphrase. Instead of just typing a word or a made-up password you can actually make it really long and type a whole sentence. 'I like to go to the beach' would be an example of a passphrase, but of course that's a little simple. You can throw together various things that you like, the different foods you like or whatever.
"Make it long. These are really hard to compromise and will take quite a bit of time for a hacker.
"Today, think about the passwords you use for work, and make sure that your work passwords don't spill over into your personal, home, or entertainment passwords. If your personal accounts are hacked, those passwords could be used to access your work accounts.
"So today: change your password, and keep it strong. Good luck."